Sunday, October 9, 2011

36 years ago...

I was eagerly waiting the arrival of our first child...and yes, with some fear and trepidation...mostly fear of the unknown. I was so excited that I would finally be a mother even though I was only 19 years old. My life's dream was to marry and have childen and that dream was soon to be realized.
Since I was all of three days overdue, Don and I went for a long walk...nothing happened. I then scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hand and knees (old wive's tale?) and started cramping. I had no idea I was in labor because all the more experienced women I had talked with breezily said, "oh, you will KNOW when you are in labor." HA! I thought that I was constipated so ended up eating several prunes over the next few hours. By the next morning, I still didn't know what was happening so told Don to go on to class because there was no consistency to the cramps. An experienced mother came over to stay with me and advised me to call the hospital. The nurse there told me that I probably was in early labor but should come in to be checked out. All of the married men knew why Don was being called out of class so that is a fun memory. When we arrived at the hospital (a half hour away) and I was checked, the doctor said I probably wouldn't deliver until early afternoon. It was about 9 am by then. Since I was dilated 5 cm. but my contractions weren't regular, the doctor ordered pitocin...a small sublingual pill! Well, that did it! My beautiful pink baby girl arrived at 10:16 am! I had become a mother and my dreams had come true! As I write this, Don is sitting here going through the 1975/76 photo album looking at those first pictures of our sweet girl. If they were digital, I would post the one of her and her daddy when he brought flowers to her when she was just 6 months old. I wonder if Sarah remembers the jumping kangaroo that she received her first Christmas. Dad just shared his memory with details I had not heard before.
We love you Sarah Elizabeth White!

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