Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Moment

Today is our first grandson's 6th birthday! We all wonder where the time goes. Not so long ago I was holding him in my arms reading "I'll Love You Forever"... a favorite book in our family. He is a delight to us as we watch him grow. Grammy hasn't seen him since Christmas so is looking forward to May when we will make a trip to Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Truth moment...

Had a "truth" moment last night during Old Testament class. I call them "truth" moments because it happens when truths come together and my heart gets it! Dan calls them epiphanies. In walking through Abraham's life (the ups and downs) the last few weeks we arrived at Gen. 15:17...God made or solidified the covenant with Himself while Abraham was sleeping. This covenant was based upon the very character of God, not the character of Abraham. It hit me that my salvation is based on the same...the very character of God Himself. Christ drew me and will not lose any that the Father has given Him. Not only does that reinforce the love of God for me, but also for my children. I can rest in that same power and though I have responsibilities, Christ's pursuit of my children is not dependent on me. Don has said that he wants "Born a rebel, died a servant" on his tombstone. I think mine should read "She learned to rest."

Always a first time.

I am totally new to this...managing a blog on my own. So remember, this is work in progress. Our lives are made up of moments...some that stand out, others that go by without a thought. This blog is for the moments that we pay attention to:
Truth moments~when what we learn day by day comes together and our heart gets the message.
Family moments~when an event or something said stands out like a snapshot.
Quilting moments~this is one of my hobbies, my passions. I love putting together fabrics. It's like picking flowers for me. The beauty of the color and design coming together makes me happy and is extremely satisfying.
Play moments~we are never too old to play...
And I'm sure there will be other categories as we go along.