Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bananas or Lemons?

Recently, while talking with three different friends about what is happening in their lives, they shared stories about the trials of trying to care for their mothers. Because of health issues and natural aging issues, they have been put in the position of having to take charge to see that their mothers are cared for. All three of these mothers are making it very difficult on their daughters...being unkind and actually abusive to those people who love them the most. Each of these daughters have grounds to withdraw and let natural consequences happen. But instead, each of these daughters is choosing to honor their difficult parent and hang in there and try to make the best decisions they know how to make for the longterm good of their parent.

My mother has said that when she needs care, she will gladly move to Ohio to live with one of us and we will then share in her care. Mother has always been outgoing and friendly so during her stay in the nursing home she naturally went from room to room visiting those who were not as mobile and finding partners to play games with. She is "given to hospitality" so takes that with her wherever she goes. If you are driving through central West Virginia and need a place to stay, she will take you in even if she has never met you and make you feel at home.

The lesson is that as we age, we grow stronger in whatever we have already are. I have often wondered if I would sweeten like a banana, or be sour and bitter like a lemon. I truly want to be a sweet old lady...actually, I want to be a sweet middle-ager. It is my prayer that I will yield to God's hands and become sweeter and sweeter. I do not want to resist any work that He wants to do in me.