Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Lesson From My Mother

Recently, while going over a familiar refrain about Marilyn, Mother remarked that maybe I hear this woman with a biased ear (my words)...maybe she is right.

I have noticed that my Mother seldom complains about anything any more. She never cried about falling and breaking her hip last fall...only chastising herself for missinbg the step and lamenting that she wouldn't be at the funeral to support Aunt Mary. The closest she came to complaining was to tell me how much it hurt to be weighed in the sling contraption (getting in and out was excruciating) and how she would refuse to repeat the process. She came up with an alternative that worked much better. Just a few weeks ago, she said that her 20 days spent at Glenville Care wasn't so bad and she could go there again if need be. I'm sure she could have complained about any number of things along the way--it was a pretty traumatic event from our view as her family.

Is this something that comes with age? Either one turns into a cranky old bear or developes contentment with a positive outlook. Some days I want my Mother to commiserate with me and am disappointed that she doesn't add her two-cents worth. Now in my 50's as I listen to young people spouting off or worrying about something, I sometimes find myself wondering "what is the big deal?"

My mother is 80...so considering the alternative, I'll choose to be content with my Mother's contentment.

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  1. Found your blog-obviously-thanks for the link. I like this post...I think its a choice, a choice that we make throughout our whole life. Age and experience do seem to clarify much, no? What was a HUGE deal as a new mom (btw thank you for the hours of guidance you gave me when I was walking that path--you were great) now seems so trivial as a grandmother.
    Plus, how much would you want to be around your mom if she were a grouchy old bear? ;-)